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Windows Phone to Surpass iPhone within 3 Years, Analysts Predict

After the publication of an intriguing report on Windows Phone's chances of landing second place in the smartphone market (behind Android) by the end of 2015, various analysts and pundits have started to debate the matter.

Rachel King of ZDNet, cites some analysis from IHS iSuppli which concludes that "Microsoft's partnership with Nokia has the potential to push the Windows Phone ecosystem into the number 2 spot in the smartphone operating system market share by 2015."

The study on smartphone operating system market share, forecast a very slight difference by 2015 between iOS and Windows Phone (16.6% for Apple's OS and 16.7% for Microsoft's mobile OS); that extra 0.1% does make for an eye-catching title (without wanting to cast any aspersions).

Todd Hixon of Forbes, proposes that there is little, if no chance of this prediction coming true. The dedicated apps, media content, and cloud services are important factors that determine the success of mobile platforms, and Apple and Google are way ahead.

The Nokia and Microsoft partnership will certainly bring forth some excellent devices, but the Windows Phone environment remains under-developed with around 60,000 apps, compared to around half a million for Google and Apple. Hixon also questions the level of Microsoft's cloud services, and the lack of relationships with media companies that its main rivals enjoy, which take time to develop.