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Cisco Study Finds Rampant Use of Unapproved Devices in Workplace

A new study reveals how businesses are increasingly willing to allow their employees to bring unapproved devices into the workplace.

The study was commissioned by the networking hardware vendor Cisco and was carried out by Redshift Research. According to its finding, employees today, want to use their personal computers at workplace like never before.

The study clearly suggested that the trend is gradually diverting the attention away from crucial IT projects. In fact, near about 44 per cent of the IT managers surveyed stated that ever since the trend of employees bringing their own devices to the workplace started, the time spent on important IT projects are alarmingly on the decay.

A total of 1500 IT managers from all across North America and Europe participated in the survey. 48 per cent of these managers admitted that their businesses had no policy in place as of now to allow employees to use unapproved devices during work hours. However, another 57 per cent claimed that their employees were using such devices covertly, without any official permission whatsoever.

"Globally, 48 per cent said their company would never authorize employees to bring their own devices, yet 57 per cent agreed that some employees use personal devices without consent," Cisco said in a statement, eWeek reports.