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HP WebOS To Go Open Source

On Wednesday HP declared that they plan to gift the webOS to the open source community in the month of September this year under the Apache license.

Last year, HP dug the grave for TouchPad and announced in December that the webOS platform will be made available to the open source community in near future. The TouchPad maker has set up a timeline for the release of different components of this software, the first partial release being the Enyo 2.0 webOS developer tool.

"Today, we're taking the next step on this journey by releasing Enyo, our JavaScript app framework, under open source licensing, allowing developers to distribute their Enyo-based webOS apps across other platforms," said Sam Greenblatt, the CTO for the open webOS project reports PC Pro.

Enyo 2.0 will be supporting other OS as well and this will allow developers to easily write applications that will work on a number of mobile phone devices. In fact, such apps will also work on various web browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

"Enyo's purpose in life is to make it easier for you to build and maintain HTML5 applications of any size and complexity, whether you're targeting phones, tablets, PCs or other form factors," read the FAQ section of Enyo's new website.

It seems that HP's open-source project has been backed by Bill Veghte, who has been promoted last week to be the chief strategy officer in HP. In a company press release Veghte stated that they are hoping for accelerating webOS development as well as make sure that all its benefits are available for various web apps.