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Irish Government Website Faces Anonymous’ Wrath for SOPA-like Act

Anonymous has struck again, and this time the victim is the Departments of Justice and Finance of the Irish Republic government.

The attack was launched to retaliate against Irish government's plan of coming up with a SOPA-like act in order to crack down on Internet piracy. The attack eventually resulted in both the sites going down for several hours on Wednesday.

As usual, Anonymous hackers deployed a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack to achieve their goal. The Department of Justice also acknowledged that it indeed faced a DDoS attack on Wednesday, but stated that the attack was not aimed at extracting information from the site but to render the sites unusable.

"There seems to be no damage done to the website, however, a review is being conducted this morning," the DoJ explained, according to a BBC News report.

"The government is aware of the potential threat of this type of cyber attack and the Department of Communications is co-ordinating a whole of government response to this threat," it added.

Anonymous Sweden has claimed reponsibility of the attack through its Twitter account "@AnonOpsSweden".