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Late News: Facebook Subscribe, Google Recommends Changes to TCP, Open Source HP WebOS, Motorola Sues Apple

Facebook announced on Wednesday that ever since the launch of ‘Subscribe' feature in November last year it has attracted thousands of journalists. According to the social media giant, journalists are increasingly using the feature for pushing their stories, scoops as well as squibs right into users' Facebook news feeds.

We all know how Google has long been, in this seemingly never ending quest, trying to come up with new ways that would allow web pages to load much faster than they do today. According to new reports, the Web search giant has proposed a handful of changes to the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to achieve faster load times.

On Wednesday HP declared that they plan to gift the webOS to the open source community in the month of September this year under the Apache license. Last year, HP dug the grave for TouchPad and announced in December that the webOS platform will be made available to the open source community in near future.

Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato - the two Megaupload executives who were arrested in New Zealand last week along with the site's founder Kim Dotcom for allegedly promoting online piracy. According to new and confirmed reports, both Batato and Kolk have been granted bail by a New Zealand court after the judge hearing the case came to the conclusion that the duo posed minimum flight risk.

In its latest lawsuit, Motorola Mobility has accused the iPhone maker of infringing on some of the company's key technology patents. The lawsuit was filed in a federal court in Florida. In the latest patent suit, Motorola cited the same patents over which a separate lawsuit is already pending in the Florida court.