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Mozy Introduces 'Stash' for File Syncing

On Wednesday, Mozy, the cloud storage service provider, announced the availability of public beta for Mozy Stash. This is the latest feature to provide customers with a method to access various files spread across multiple mobile devices and computers. This feature brings together MozyHome's online backup service and the ability to synchronise files located in different devices in less time.

Data spread on various devices can be viewed from anywhere and on any computer irrespective of the operating system or from smartphone devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android based devices. Director of product management at Mozy, Gytis Barzdukas, stated, "All your data is in the cloud, so that you can access it anywhere," reports Computer World. The executive also stated that this feature, however, does not allow file sharing among different users. Hopefully, this option will be added later on this year.

Stash is different from the online backup system, as it automatically updates uploaded files so users can access the latest updated files from any computer or smartphone linked to Mozy Stash.

Paid subscribers for MozyHome who sign up for the new feature before 15th April will get Stash as a part of their current subscription without the need to pay anything extra.