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N. Korean Government Says No Mobile Phone Use During 100-Day Mourning Period for Kim Jong-il

North Korea's leadership has yet again made it to the headlines for the wrong reasons. According to new reports, the government in the "rogue" Asian state has issued a warning to its citizens, stating that anyone found using mobile phones or defecting to China during the 100-day mourning period for the deceased leader Kim Jong-il, will be treated as "War criminal."

The government also stated that all ‘guilty' individuals will be dealt with the harshest possible measures as per existing law.

Worse even, unconfirmed reports from within the "closed" nation are suggesting that a large chunk of people over there are currently trying to escape into the bordering regions of China as food supplies are again falling short for its 24 million strong population.

Kim Jong-il passed away on December 17 at the age of 69. The state media claimed that he died of a heart attack caused by overwork.

"People who are caught attempting to flee the poverty and political oppression in the North, as well as those detained in China and sent back over the border, usually end up in the North's network of hard labour camps," as reported by The Telegraph.