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O2 Sorry for Exposing Customers' Phone Numbers Online During Planned Maintenance

O2, the UK based telecom giant, has issued an apology for a glitch that resulted in users' phone numbers being disclosed when accessing the company's mobile data services.

According to the company, the phone numbers were being disclosed because of a technical problem which was quickly fixed. However, experts are saying that the problem, which surfaced during routine maintenance, could have exposed users' numbers on a handful of websites.

O2 clarified though, that the company passed its customers' phone numbers only to its "trusted partners."

Meanwhile, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has stated it would talk to the company to get a better grasp of what happened during the glitch.

"Technical changes we implemented as part of routine maintenance had the unintended effect of making it possible in certain circumstances for website owners to see the mobile numbers of those browsing their site," O2 explained, BBC News reports.

"When you browse from an O2 mobile, we add the user's mobile number to this technical information, but only with certain trusted partners," it added.

O2 also claimed limited sharing of customers' phone numbers was "standard industry practice."