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The Pirate Bay’s Leap into the Future with 3D Printed 'Physibles'

The Pirate Bay seems to be planning a new file category which will be allowing 3D printers to create physical objects out of downloaded digital data. It may sound like a plot from a sci-fi movie but, apparently that's what the file sharing site thinks is going to happen sometime in the future.

Post the Megaupload raid, many file sharing websites have decided to cut down their various services but it seems The Pirate Bay is least bothered about the on-going campaign against online piracy, however, the future plans of this website is more than extensive.

Through their official blog the website announced the next move "in copying will be made from digital form into physical form" and this physical form will be nothing else but physical objects. The website announced that those data objects that can be converted into physical objects will be referred as "Physibles".

The blog also stated that the website firmly believes that the 3D scanners, printers and other such things are only the first move and in near future world will experience prints of spare parts for even cars and other vehicles. In fact, in next 20 years people might be even printing their cloths.