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Primitive Tribes in Tanzania Create Social Structures Similar to Facebook

The Hadzas - a primitive tribe in Tanzania, uses a truly unique way to socialise amongst themselves - a way that resembles the structure of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. According to a study, the Hadza people prefer the company of only those who have similar attitude as their own.

A research team has successfully mapped out relationships among 205 Hadza hunter-gatherers in Tanzania. Interestingly, the Hazdas follow the lifestyle that modern humans followed around 10,000 years ago. Researchers found that social networks of the Hadzas are very similar to our methods, even though they do not have megacities, Internet or mobile phones.

The research report has been published in the journal "Nature." According to the report, people with similar nature and attitude easily mix and stick together.

If a Hazda individual does not like his existing band, he can leave easily and join another band. This is an interesting observation that helped researchers determine their social network patterns, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The research team conducted three exercises to find out how the Hadza choose their bands which eventually helped the team find out more about their social network.