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Proposed Internet User Privacy Rules by EU Include Fines for Company Noncompliance

The new rules proposed by the European Union to safeguard Web users' online privacy involve some harsh measures for companies found guilty of breaching the code, according to reports.

Apparently, the new rules will empower the EU to impose heavy fines on any company found in breach of these new rules.

The new proposal is likely to turn into law by the fall of 2013, provided they are approved by all 27 members of the European Union members states, along with the European Parliament.

Viviane Reding, the European Commissioner stated the new rules will indeed prove to be quite handy when dealing with all those companies who tend to overlook their users' privacy aspects efficiently.

"The protection of personal data is a fundamental right for all Europeans, but citizens do not always feel in full control of their personal data," Reding told reporters, according to a Reuters report.

"A strong, clear and uniform legal framework at EU level will help to unleash the potential of the digital single market and foster economic growth, innovation and job creation," the European Commissioner added.