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Samsung Delays Release of Galaxy S III

If reports are to be believed then the Samsung Galaxy S III quad core smartphone will not be unveiled during next month's international event Mobile World Congress 2012, held in Barcelona. Even though, according to earlier reports, it was supposed to be launched during the MWC 2012, now it has been delayed.

According to various sources close to the company's internal affairs, MWC will not see the launch of the much anticipated smartphone - the company may announce another date instead.

Last year, during the same event Samsung launched the Galaxy S II which became a global hit, make a huge amount of money for the company. This year, it was expected that the South Korean tech giant would take the opportunity to launch the next edition at MWC.

However, the same sources are also claiming the device will be launched "before summer." Samsung may have to hold an exclusive event for this device before the summer.

Even though during 2011 events such as CES and MWC were used as a platform to announce leading devices, the Samsung Galaxy S III definitely requires special treatment and single focus so maybe the company is planning the same for the next 10.1 inch quad core tablet computer, reports Everything Android.