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Samsung Exec Reveals Details Of Future Galaxy Tab

During an interview with tech website Laptopmag, Ryan Bidan, product marketing manager for Samsung, delivered a number of hints about tablet devices coming from the Korean manufacturer in the forthcoming months, including some interesting trends.

Future tablets, he said, could include a stylus pen like the Galaxy Note, 3D gesture via the front facing camera and possibly voice control - like a mobile Kinect (or an advanced Siri).

Bidan also talked openly about the threat of the Kindle Fire; Samsung tablets, he says, offer more options than Amazon's tablet and should make content creation easier.

The company is also trying to make its devices (phones, computers, media players, TV, set top boxes) work better and more seamlessly together.

He also expanded on the fact that Samsung is always exploring different concepts and designs, though they still don't have a hybrid rival to the Eee Pad Transformer Prime, although Bidan claims Samsung's Windows 8 slate and Series 9 notebooks, are a response in that direction.

When quizzed over the features that tablets will have in 2012, Bidan said that experiences that were desktop-bound will now move to mobile: 1080p video editing on the move or photo editing multi-megapixel pictures, being the two examples he used.