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SAP to Support ERP on HANA, an In-Memory Database Platform

SAP will be extending support to the ERP module within their Business Suite product family on the HANA in-memory database platform during Q4 of 2012. This move has been confirmed by executive board member and technology Chief Vishal Sikka.

The move to support Business Suite on HANA was always a goal of SAP, however, the company did not disclose any specific date for doing this. With this, SAP will provide its application customer defections from Oracle's database.

According to analyst Ray Wang, CEO at Constellation Research, if SAP can perform this, it "means they've solved a lot of the technical issues with HANA. This means they have the beginning of a next-gen platform for their apps," as reported by Computer World.

The ERP module of Business Suite to be ported to HANA includes financials and operations functionality as well as human resources. Interestingly, ERP is the most complicated and also the central component of this suite, as stated by Sikka. Other modules may also be ported to HANA in the future.

SAP also disclosed its fourth quarter along with year end earnings for HANA. The vendor disclosed that revenue of HANA is above US$208 million for the year which wan more than the initial projections made by the company.