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Subscribe Feature on Facebook Gaining Traction

Facebook announced on Wednesday that ever since the launch of ‘Subscribe' feature in November last year it has attracted thousands of journalists.

According to the social media giant, journalists are increasingly using the feature for pushing their stories, scoops as well as squibs right into users' Facebook news feeds. Things were pretty complicated before the arrival of the "subscribe" feature though, as back then, in order to get the updates from a particular user on your news feed, you had no other ways than to befriend him/her on the site, and wait for the approval of your friend request.

Facebook brags that, as of today, over 1000 journalists are using the "subscribe" feature including 50 from the New York Times and just under 100 from the Washington Post. Experts are of the opinion that Facebook fan pages for individuals could soon be fully replaced by "subscribes".

"It has been pretty broad adoption both in the U.S and internationally, and includes journalists from big and small organizations who report from various primary media (TV, radio, etc.)," Vadim Lavrusik, Facebook's journalist program manager, said in a statement to VentureBeat.

"The average journalist has seen a 320% increase in subscribers since November 2011, according to our analysis of a sample of 25 journalists," Facebook stated in a blog post.