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Symantec provides Security Recommendations for pcAnywhere Users

Security company Symantec is warning users of its popular remote access program, pcAnywhere, of what it calls an 'increased risk' following a recent source code incident, and has published a white paper to advise users.

In a post on the company's blog by Christine Ewing, Symantec explains that malicious users had access to the source code which gives them "an increased ability to identify vulnerabilities and build new exploits".

More seriously, the company revealed that customers that do no follow general security best practices will be more vulnerable, especially to so-called "man-in-the-middle" attacks which can disclose "authentication" and "session information".

Last week, Symantec revealed that hackers had managed to get their hands on the source codes of a number of popular security products including Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition, Norton Internet Security, Norton Utilities, pcAnywhere and Norton GoBack.

The security company has already issued a patch for pcAnywhere - which was also distributed with Symantec's Altris IT Management Suite - on Monday to eliminate three known vulnerabilities including one which allows the hacker to inject malicious code remotely.