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Tagged Discusses Hi5 Revamp

Tagged has discussed the revamp of Social Network Hi5 which it bought up late last year, saying that it will continue operation but with a more Tagged like style.

"A experience with a hi5 wrapper," is how vice president of sales and marketing Steve Sarner put it. Users of the site will begin getting emails about the change up today, though the actual overhaul itself won't be making itself felt for another couple of months.

Like Facebook, Hi5 saw success with its gaming section. However, Tagged has big plans for that, removing the ability for third party developers to post their content. It will then be replaced with a platform that hosts games developed by Tagged itself. Sarner commented on this once again, saying that the original gaming section: "wasn't nearly as vibrant as we felt it could be or should be."

Tagged will also be changing Hi5 to more of a social discovery platform, making it easier to connect with new people and make new friends. The current setup is geared more towards chatting and interacting with existing friends, which makes it hard for the network to grow.

Despite all these moves to make Hi5 more like Tagged, the marketing department was keen to let everyone know that they would remain two separate entities. Fans of both networks can rest easy that their favourite network will stay as it was. Mostly.