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Teleconferencing Vendors Say Fine Line Between Providing Security and Usability

Teleconferencing vendors have announced they are desperately trying to maintain balance between security and usability.

The announcement from vendors came after it was revealed by a group of researchers that it would not be too difficult for hackers to breach a vulnerable conference line, and manipulate video cameras in use for spying purposes.

The vulnerability was first exposed by H.D. Moore and Mike Tuchen - two prominent security experts during their research for the security outfit Rapid7. The two warned that attackers could covertly spy on board rooms by exploiting open conference systems.

"In an otherwise quiet environment, it was possible to clearly hear conversations down the hallway from the video conferencing systems," Moore explained on the Rapid7's blog, according to a Computer World report.

"A separate test confirmed the ability to monitor a user's keyboard and accurately capture their password simply by aiming the camera and using a high-level zoom," he added,

Moore also disclosed that as of now, there were somewhere around 150,000 teleconference systems across the Internet.