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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with HUD May Arrive in April

According to reports, the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS could be available to end users in April itself. The new release may likely feature the latest Head-up Display or may be a HUD computer menu system.

Implementation of HUD menu system will definitely see the present Unity menu applications disappear. The HUD menu system will require the user to just type the command in the search box rather than clicking on various menus.

According to the report, HUD will keep record of the command that the user most often requests and also prioritise that command in accordance with the past usage. It will also cover system functionality, for example user can play or pause music and change IM status or go offline without the need of direct Skype access.

We think of it as "beyond interface", it's the "intenterface" notes Mark Shuttleworth. "This concept of 'intent-driven interface' has been a primary theme of our work in the Unity shell, with dash search as a first class experience pioneered in Unity. Now we are bringing the same vision to the application", he added.

This new system (watch video below) will be fully compatible with the present apps as well as menus. In fact, the report also confirms that voice input will also be introduced but not when Ubuntu 12.04 LTS arrives in April. To integrate voice into the apps it will take some more time but hopefully it will happen very soon.