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Amazon Dominates 39 Per Cent of Tablet Market

By the end of the fourth quarter 2011, Amazon's share of the tablet market had grown to an impressive 39 per cent, putting it in second place behind Apple.

With global tablet shipments increasing dramatically throughout last year, it's no surprise that the top few manufacturers have been warring it out for dominance. However, Amazon was the clear winner in terms of growth, with Apple's own iPad's falling in market share from 68 per cent to 58 per cent.

TechWeek has it that in comparison, Amazon jumped 10 per cent, going from 29 to 39 the year before. While the increase in Android sales overall hasn't been as strong as the Kindle Fire and others, 2011 saw the biggest rise in sales of tablets sporting the Google operating system. With Amazon and other manufacturers like Acer and Asus all using it, Android is the biggest platform competition for Apple's dominance coming into 2012.

However that's all set to change, with Microsoft's Windows 8 set to be released mid-way through the year, the tablet version ready to go right off the bat. While Apple may have popularised the touch screen computer, Microsoft was the first to debut tablets - though back in the early 2000s they were far heavier and bulkier than today's offerings.

Of course it's all up in the air as to whether Microsoft can inject itself into a game that is thoroughly catered for at the moment. I seems likely that the software giant will farm off its operating system to third party manufacturers in the same fashion as Google, but perhaps it will produce some of its own too. An Xbox inspired one might sell well.