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Android Becomes Tough Competitor for Apple iOS in Tablet Market

According to a Strategy Analytics report, Apple is still dominating the tablet computer market. However, Google's Android platform has increased its performance significantly and managed to close the huge gap (in terms of market share) that exists between the two platforms.

Apple had 58 percent share in the global market during the fourth quarter of 2011 which is way ahead of Android's 39 percent share.

However, just a year ago, in the final quarter of 2010, Apple had 68 percent share in the market, so even though the 2011 figure is impressive, it is prominent fall for the company.

According to Strategy Analytics, it is Amazon's low cost Kindle Fire tablet that effected the sales of Apple and forced its market share to fall.

On the other hand, Android figures show the platform improved considerably from its position a year ago. During Q4 of 2010, 3.1 million Android devices were shipped; during the same quarter a year later, 10.5 million units were shipped.

Thus, Android based tablets are slowly but gradually eating the space once occupied by Apple's iPad tablet.

The tablet computer market at the global level is rising, 26.8 million units of tablets were shipped in the last quarter of 201, which is an all time high. This figure shows that the sale of tablets increased by 150 percent when compared to 2010, reports Engadget.