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Angry Birds 3D May be on the Cards as NVidia Inadvertently Discloses Info

Rovio - the developers of Angry Birds, is in talks with NVidia to bring in some new and interesting improvements in its massively popular title. This information has been revealed by NVidia's mobile content vice president, Neil Trevett himself.

During 2012's Mobile Game Forum the vice president by mistake told the attendees that NVidia and Rovio are engaged in talks currently, however, once Trevett realised this mistake he stopped himself from revealing any more information.

Trevett commented that Angry Bird has ample scope of improve in terms of graphics. At present the game is using 2D physics engine and it seems nobody is complaining about it or asking for an improvement.

But, Trevett said that 3D physics engine for this game might be more accurate and allow for more gameplay in terms of camera control as one option reported Ubergizmo.

For the time being, speculating a 3D version of Angry Bird will be an early prediction as the companies are absolutely silent over the matter but because of this inadvertent disclosure from NVidia, one thing is clear that Rovio is planning to improve the graphics and make the game more complicated and delightful for gamers.