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AT&T Ships 9.4 Million Smartphones in Q4 2012

Yesterday, AT&T revealed its financial standing for the fourth quarter of 2011. The figures show the company had to face a quarterly $6.7 billion loss, largely because of various one time expenses, for example, a break up fee that had to be paid to Deutsche Telekom.

Interestingly, the largest network carrier in the US had to bear the loss despite shipping a record number of smartphones, around 9.4 million. Out of that 9.4 million, the number of iPhones sold was 7.6 million or 81 percent of all the smartphones shipped.

Thus, according to these figures, the maximum number of Android devices sold in the fourth quarter was 1.8 million. This figure totally depends upon the number of BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices shipped during that period.

In the above mentioned quarter, AT&T achieved record revenues of $32.5 billion which was 3.6 percent higher then revenues earned during the fourth quarter of 2010, reports Android And Me.

The network carrier predicts high returns in 2012 with a number of Android as well as Windows Phone devices lined up for release in the forthcoming months.