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Google Maps to Include Public Alerts

Google has decided to combine the data available on US National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration and also The National Weather Service with Google Maps to provide location based emergency information.

Now users will get alerts when they search for specific locations and emergencies. These alert will be available only on the Google Maps page and not on Google Search. Thus, Google Search will not show the same results as Google Maps.

Users can also check public alert data by accessing the latest Public Alerts page. Google has adopted different colour themes to show different intensity of warnings. The areas under severe warning are represented by the colour dark orange; the rest of the areas are identified with light orange. When the user clicks on the alert area link, an official alert statement appears, reports Make Use Of.

Google on its LatLong blog has revealed details of this service and also mentioned that the Google Public Alerts platform has been introduced on Wednesday. The post further says the new feature has been "designed to bring you relevant emergency alerts when and where you're searching for them," as published in Google Lat Long Blog.