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HP’s Open Source Release Plan for WebOS

Hewlett-Packard has announced its schedule for open sourcing of the WebOS source code and tools. In addition, the company also assured that it will be pushing the development consistently to turn the troubled OS into a true open platform.

The project has been already kick started by the company with the release of the original ENYO application framework on Wednesday - it came under an Apache license. Alongside ENYO, HP is also extending the offering to include ENYO 2.0.

According to reports, the user-interface widgets will be added to ENYO sometime in February along with a JavaScript code. And then, in the month of March, the company is going to make available the Linux Standard Kernel.

The arrival of the Linux Kernel will then be followed by the addition of the Ares integrated development environment version 2.0 sometime in April. It will be around that time when ENYO will be rewarded with a small-scale upgrade.

"My team is one of the true believers of the WebOS environment. We built ENYO to work in any container - it has been in the back of our minds from the beginning," Matthew McNulty, head of developer tools at WebOS said in a statement, The Register reports.