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Intel Celebrates 40 Years of Microprocessor

Almost ten years before the first ever personal computer made its way into the consumer market, in 1971, US based semiconductor outfit Intel Corp. came up with a unique offering that would revolutionize the tech industry for good.

Yes, we are referring to the first ever microprocessor here - the invention without which none of the gadgets and gizmo we use today - be it PCs, tablet computers or even mobile phones would have been possible.

November 2011 witnessed Intel celebrating the 40th birthday of its maiden microprocessor - the 4004, and as one would usually anticipate, the day was celebrated in a grand style with the company's Corporate Technology Group's Shekhar Y. Borkar giving attendees some insight from the past, as well as Intel's future vision,

Borkar also emphasized on how the invention of the microprocessor eventually opened the door for a massive range of consumer electronic devices which have become a part and parcel of our today's life.

"It became an appliance like the toaster, everyone now has a computer in their house," Borkar stated, the hint of pride being obvious in his tone, as reported by NBC Bay Area.