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iPhone Accounted for More than Half of Verizon’s Smartphones Sales

Verizon disclosed its fourth quarter results on Tuesday, where it has stated that a total of 7.7 million smartphones were sold - out of which 55 per cent were iPhones.

Having seen a total of 4.3 million iPhone activation during the period, it seems that iPhones have left 4G LTE devices in the shade. Verizon managed to sell a total of 2.3 million units of 4G LTE devices, including hotspots and tablets - where these devices accounted for 30 per cent sales of Verizon.

Verizon has been pushing its 4G LTE devices, but it seems that the iPhones have out done these devices by a ratio of 2:1. This may seem a lot but Verizon officials say that they are happy with these numbers. and that it has made a ‘significant advancement' in deploying 4G LTE network - reported Apple Insider.

With these latest revenue figures, Verizon has managed to achieve a 7.7% year-on-year increase for the same quarter.

Lowell McAdam, Verizon CEO, chairman and president said: "Verizon Wireless produced particularly strong growth in the fourth quarter. While that diluted wireless margins in the short term, it is good news for revenue and margin growth over the long term, particularly given our leadership in the rapidly developing 4G LTE ecosystem."