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Netflix Says More Viewers Streaming from Tablets than from PCs

Even though it has only been six months since Netflix first introduced its Android app, thus Google mobile OS platform users access to its streaming services, Netflix has announced the number of viewers who access its services from tablet devices has surpassed that of their counterparts using PC's.

According to the company's chief executive Reed Hastings, the growing number of tablet viewers is an inevitable outcome of the company's decision to integrate Netflix to over 800 different devices.

"Together with our partners, we've shipped over 800 different models of Netflix-enabled devices and are planning to keep this momentum going both domestically and internationally," Hastings stated, as reportedby GIgaOm.

Interestingly, it was only six months ago when Netflix was integrated with no more than 450 devices - it seems like the launch of the Android app changed this quite dramatically.

"We do see people enjoying a lot more of their viewing on tablets relative to the PC," Hasting added.

Netflix happens to be one of the most popular online streaming video platforms around today.