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Noon News: Intel Buys RealNetworks Patents, Motorola Incurs Heavy Losses, Twitter’s Country Specific Censor

Chip giant Intel has announced that it is buying near about 190 patents from the Washington based software maker RealNetworks. These patents, according to Intel, are part of the $120 million deal it inked with the company. In addition, the purchase also included another 170 patent applications, as well as an agreement to co-develop and co-own RealNetwork's video encoding software.

Even though Motorola Mobility is focusing on closing the deal of its proposed undertaking by Google for $12.5 billion, the mobile manufacturing giant has incurred considerable loss in the fourth quarter. On Thursday, the company stated that the reason behind this is a fierce competition coming from rival outfits in smartphones and tablet markets.

President Obama visited Intel's Chandler, Arizona based chip manufacturing plant on Wednesday, and praised the tech giant for its outstanding track record as one of the largest providers of high tech manufacturing jobs in the country. The visit, which was covered live by the official White House website, saw the president stating how Intel's massive $5 billion project in Chandler, aimed at manufacturing high-volume semiconductors, is helping the US economy in its battle against the ongoing slowdown.

Twitter announced that the micro blogging site will withhold tweeter posts from a country if they violate any local restrictions rather than globally blocking them. Till now, twitter had to remove the supposedly objectionable content entirely from this popular website in order to operate in such countries.

Nintendo, world's largest console maker reported a ¥48.4 billion net loss for duration of 9 months as compared to ¥49.6 billion profit year on year. The company also mentioned that they are heading towards a full-year loss of ¥45 billion. Due to weak sales especially that of 3DS gaming console, share prices of Nintendo fell by 56 per cent over the past year.