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Obama Visits Intel’s Chandler Manufacturing Plant

President Obama visited Intel's Chandler, Arizona based chip manufacturing plant on Wednesday, and praised the tech giant for its outstanding track record as one of the largest providers of high tech manufacturing jobs in the country.

The visit, which was covered live by the official White House website, saw the president stating how Intel's massive $5 billion project in Chandler, aimed at manufacturing high-volume semiconductors, is helping the US economy in its battle against the ongoing slowdown.

Obama also emphasised on how Intel's Chandler unit represents the sort of high tech jobs that the country needs today.

"I'm here because the factory being built behind me is an example of an America that is within our reach. An America that attracts that next generation of good manufacturing jobs," the president stated, reports c|net.

"We can't go back to a economy weakened by outsourcing. And last night in the State of the Union, I laid out a vision of how we move forward," he added.

Obama also had a brief conversation with the Arizona governor Jan Brewer at an airport before he was off to Intel's Chandler facility.