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Providing Police Personnel with Blackberry Devices Is Not Worth It, NAO Audit Reveals

According to a new revelation from The National Audit Office (NAO), the proposed £80 million programme to equip police personnel with smartphones will not providing the value for the money.

Apparently, as found during the NAO's audit, the scheme has simply resulted in the purchase of many more BlackBerry devices for some forces than they actually require. Worse even, the supply of smartphones to other forces are falling so short that the ration between available devices to officers has become 1:100.

According to reports, as of December 2011, around 41,000 devices were made available as part of the Home Office-funded Mobile Information Programme.

"The business case for investing in mobile technology did not consider if local forces were prepared for the programme or if there was the capability and capacity to introduce it," Margaret Hodge, chairwoman of the Commons Committee of Public Accounts stated, as reported by AFP.

"If value for money is to be achieved, mobile technology will need to be used to drive improvements that will reduce paper work and make police work more efficient," she added.