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Samsung Galaxy Note to Come with NFC?

Samsung has dissected Galaxy Note on their official global blog, even though the image published on the blog displays the global Galaxy Note along with the device's physical home button - the specifications resemble the Galaxy Note LTE.

Samsung Galaxy Note was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 and was to be available on AT&T and Telus soon after.

Besides many other things, the dissection reveals that this hybrid smartphone and tablet computer is equipped to support Near Field Communications (NFC). Strangely though, this crucial piece of information was not revealed, when the device was launched.

The NFC antenna is located inside the battery cover and its modus operandi is different from Galaxy S II. On the Galaxy S II, the NFC chip is placed closer to the battery. However, it is not yet confirmed whether the LTE version will come with software to support NFC. It is also not clear whether AT&T will provide any service to support this feature, reports Mobile Burn.

The dissection also disclosed many interesting things, for example, the company outlines more than 1000 components of this device.