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THQ Fires Publishing and Admin Staff

THQ is set to make redundant a large portion of its publishing and admin team, though the five main internal studios won't be affected by these changes.

The publishing giant has been reshuffling its business recently in the wake of a poor annual turnover. The most recent announcement before this was that it would no longer be working on children's titles.

"THQ confirms a reduction in force to the company's administration and publishing organization," the publisher said in a statement posted at Game Informer. "As recently announced, the company is exiting the kids' licensed games category, and is focusing on its core game franchises and developing its digital initiatives."

Fortunately for those that are fans of the Dawn of War series of games, Relic Entertainment hasn't been affected, neither has Volition (where my Summoner fans at?) or Vigil. There's no word on how many people have been let go, though THQ has said more details will be released on 2nd of February.

While firings are never a good thing to hear of in economic climates like the one we're in now, kudos to THQ for letting go of middle and upper management. The creative teams behind games seem likely to be unaffected as there's no mention of content creators getting the boot.

There were previous rumours that THQ was cancelling the Warhammer 40,000 MMO Dark Millennium, but they have yet to be confirmed by the company.