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Valve's Steam App Now Available for iOS and Android

Valve's Steam service is now officially available for iOS and Android operating system platforms. With this new application, Apple and Android device owners will be able to access a number of Steam features, as long as they are connected to the Internet.

Along with this new service, app users will be able to chat with their friends through Steam, browse community groups and user profiles, get updates on latest gaming news and check Steam sales figures.

At present, the app is only in beta for both operating system platforms. The app is free, but it does not provide any guarantee that it will work on every device, reports Ubergizmo.

The Steam app has only been around for the PC, which operated as a digital distribution service for Valve games and other third party titles.

It seems that the Steam app now permits users to enjoy Steam's social media services in addition to games. The service provides many options beyond gaming due to additional features like friends list with text chat as well as support for players groups.

Similar mobile applications were published by Microsoft, Bungie, and Activision.