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Facebook, Washington State Drag Adscend to Court Over Alleged Clickjacking

Marketing firm Adscend Media has been dragged to court by the social media giant Facebook for allegedly spamming its users through "misleading and deceptive tactics".

In the lawsuit, the massively popular social networking site has accused Adscend of carrying out "clickjacking" by placing posts on the site that cause links to surface on users' homepage. According to Facebook, the posts are infected with a specially designed code that forcibly makes the victim to "like" the post without his/her consent. Users are then redirected to other websites via the link accompanying the posts by Adscend.

And, to make matters even worse for the marketing firm, the Washington State has also filed a similar lawsuit against Adscend. This perhaps happens to be the first ever time when a state has moved to court to crackdown on spams on social media sites.

Adscend Media denies all these allegations though, claiming that all the accusations brought against it are "fake" reports PC Advisor.

Craig Clark, Facebook's lead litigation counsel said: "Facebook's security professionals have made tremendous strides against this particular form of attack and we are intent on eradicating it completely," reports BBC News.