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Google+ Officially Open to Teens

Google+ made a landmark move and opened itself to users who are over the age of 13. Google+ did not initially target the younger crowd and kept itself available only for users above the age of 18.

Besides, opening up to youngsters over the age of 13 the social network also added improved safety features to keep the younger crowd protected. Now it features more rigid default settings for privacy but, they can be overridden none the less.

Vice president Product management at Google+, Bradley Horowitz, in a Google+ post stated that, "With Google+, we want to help teens build meaningful connections online. We also want to provide features that foster safety alongside self-expression. Today we're doing both, for everyone who's old enough for a Google Account."

Further he added that Google+ focuses on helping teens to have better and meaningful online connections. Besides, they intend to provide such features that will help teens to express themselves as well as foster safety.

The latest safety features offers warnings before posting public posts by teens and also rigid default privacy settings. However, the social networking site also offers ways to override these features by changing the settings of the account.

With this Google+ will be at par with Facebook which also allows users to sign-up who are above 13.