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Jon Rubinstein Quits HP

Jon Rubinstein - the senior vice president for Product Innovation at HP's Personal Systems Group - has decided to part ways with the company, it was revealed yesterday.

Rubinstein, who had been Palm's CEO earlier, joined Hewlett Packard when it acquired the WebOS maker in July 2010. As disclosed by an HP spokeswoman, Rubinstein decided to resign after finishing his one-to-two year employment commitment to the company, and currently has no plans to join any other company.

Earlier in his carrier, Rubinstein also worked at Apple as an executive and contributed immensely to the company's flagship products such as the iPod and iMac under Steve Job's leadership. He later joined Palm Inc. in 2007, and was heading the company's engineering, research and development works.

Rubinstein, during his 19 month stay at HP, saw HP's leadership change four times. There was a bumpy ride, having to part with Palm and having it changed to WebOS; WebOS not doing so well and finally being open sourced. It seems that Rubinstein has had enough of everything. "I'm going to take a break", he told AllThingsD.

"I'm going to spend some time with my family and think about what to do next", he added further.