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Kinect Enabled Windows 8 Laptop Prototypes Spotted

According to a new revelation, the future generation Windows powered laptops could soon ditch the standard webcams in use today, and instead, hook-up with Microsoft's sophisticated Kinect motion sensor camera hardware.

A report by The Daily claims that the prototypes of such devices powered by Microsoft's forthcoming OS platform Windows 8 and flaunting Kinect motion sensor camera are already in the process of making.

In fact, Asus - the Taiwan based computer hardware maker has already made available two such prototypes that pretty much resemble any regular laptop in use today. The report further claims that Microsoft officials also confirmed the presence of Kinect in these prototypes.

"In terms of functionality, there are hundreds of different ways that motion control could be leveraged in a portable," the report claims.

"Gaming has the most obvious applications, but a Kinect-enabled laptop could also toggle between programs with the wave of a hand, or media controls could be tweaked with the wag of a finger," it added.

The possible integration of Kinect in future generation laptops has already created quite a buzz in the web world and it remains to see if the prototypes ever become final products and actually make it to the consumer market.