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What has Google Pegged You as? Man or a Woman?

Google has finally allowed a sneak peek into the sort of information it has stored about the users accessing its various services throughout all these years. In case you were not aware of Google's policies, the search giant stores its users' information in order to filter advertising profiles.

However, it seems that the information Mountain View based search giant has been harvesting all these years was not necessarily always right. According to reports, approximately 350 million Google users have been featured by the search giant in the wrong list, carrying wrong sex and wrong age.

"Google basically takes a look at what you're browsing online and then makes up a profile about you so it can give you the most targeted advertising in the future," Shinny Shinny reports. The ads-preferences page can be accessed from the settings menu in Google Accounts.

"It then builds up a list of all the topics you're into and (often hilariously) your age and gender based on other people that look at similar sites," it added. Considering a live example, Mashable's Sarah Kessler has been pegged by Google as a middle-aged man.

Meanwhile, in a related development, Google has announced that the forthcoming changes in its privacy policy will be implemented on from March 1 onwards.