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YouTube Receives Design Upgrades

YouTube, after introducing homepage redesign in the month of December last year has decided to launch new design updates for various aspects.

To begin with, it will introduce updates for the Browse page, Video Manager as well as Video Editor and finally align them with the entire rebranding which Mountain View based web giant Google has rolled out in almost all its websites as well as products.

The latest Browse page will have cleaner design and help the user to find new channels as well as videos with more ease and comfort. The new YouTube will display most viewed videos and also recommend videos to the user based on past viewing habits. A "play all" button has been introduced that will allow to play all videos available in a certain channel or section, reported Mashable.

The Video Manager was already changed in December but on the basis of user feedback they have decided to update it again. Now it will have a new search history section along with like and dislike stats.

Similarly Video Editor will also have some impressive changes. It has been updated to be consistent with the new improved YouTube Design.