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HTC Sense 4.0 will Feature Guest Mode, 50GB Dropbox, Improved Email

The soon to be launched HTC Sense 4.0, which is likely to hit the highly rumoured HTC Ville first with be equipped with some great improvements and add-ons.

Pocket Now, through its trusted source, has revealed that the main areas of improvements in Sense 4.0 are buttons and interface, email, guest mode and DropBox integration among others.

For the first time HTC is going to bring in support for the landscape mode on its home screen through the Sense 4.0. The new UI will also have an improved 3D task switcher and an improved notification feature just like in iOS 5 along with traditional app shortcuts.

Email functionality has been greatly enhanced and the email client is supposedly far better than any other email clients out and about on Android. The client is said to have better support for threaded emails and it will also feature push email and Smart Sync.

Guest Mode is something that would appeal quite a lot of people who share their phones with peers. The owner will have the privilege of specifying which apps are to be displayed if a guest is using the phones.

Last but not the least, one of the most interesting add-on is the integrated Dropbox support under which when the device is setup for the first time, users will get 50GB free storage. It seems this will be the main attraction for the potential consumers of the device.

Officially all other details and information will be provided by the company at the Mobile World Congress 2012 to be held next month.