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iLID MK-1 iPhone Case Doubles as a Wallet

Nowadays we don't only have to carry a big fat wallet wherever we go, but also a smartphone. If you're tired of constantly having your pockets bulging you might consider the iLid iPhone case, which claims to be the slimmest, most comfortable iPhone wallet / case.

The wallet case has a specially designed area for money, a spot where you can hold up to three credit cards, a key holder and memory card / sim card bay, while the lid additionally serves as a horizontal stand.

The iLID is advertised as being extremely light and very secure, being ergonomically designed and having a super low profile - at just 17 mm thin. It is manufactured from high quality polycarbonate material.

The product has been on show at the MacWorld | iWorld event in San Francisco this week, and was initially funded by the Kickstarter project which aids new startups. Funding is still in the process, and you can help out by pre-ordering an iLid case for $30.

The Australian creators chose to manufacture the units down under, rather than in China, and aim to ship the cases by the end February 2012. The iLid MK-1 is available in either black or white.