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iPhone 4S Accounts for Nine in Every Ten iPhones Sold

At Apple's quarterly earnings report the company announced record quarterly sales of 37 million iPhones, but failed to give a breakdown of how many each iPhone had sold.

But now, a new survey from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) has revealed just how reliant Apple was on the iPhone 4S for these figures, AllThingsD reports.

The 4S apparently has accounted for 89% of all smartphones sold, since the highly acclaimed handset was first released back in October.

This figure is all the more impressive as, since its launch, the iPhone 3GS, for example, has become available for free on a contract - while the still very desirable iPhone 4 has seen its price drop significantly.

The iPhone 4S brings a number of improved specs, notably, a much-improved camera and of course the HAL of mobile technology, Siri. Some were disappointed there was no major external redesign, though this doesn't seem to have dampened buyers' interest.

The report also concluded that the most popular model was the 16GB iPhone 4S with 45% of the sales. Following close behind is the 32GB model with 34% and the 64GB model with 21%.

The report also points out another interesting fact: "Forty-two percent of iPhone buyers broke existing carrier contracts to get the new iPhone 4S. And 19 percent of these iPhone 4S buyers sold their old iPhone in the secondary market."