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Microsoft’s Tablet Market Share, Kinect on Windows 8 Laptops and More

Quite a few revelations have been about Microsoft by various sources about the Windows 8 maker's share in global tablets market, changes to be introduced in the Windows 8 mouse navigation system and few others.

According to the Strategy Analytics, the global market share of the Windows 7 tablet computer is 1.5 per cent. The global research and consulting firm claimed that the latest figure is up from around zero to almost 400,000 units till the fourth quarter of 2011.

The report from the analytics firm also states that at present Apple's iPad has 58 per cent share of the global tablets market while Android based tablets along with other devices like Amazon's Kindle Fire have 39 per cent market share.

Besides, there were reports about whether Microsoft will be integrating Kinect into few Windows 8 based PCs. Earlier this week a blog was posted on Building Windows 8 that talked about sensors that the company plans to integrate in Windows 8. Even though the post did not mention anything about integration of Kinect technology with laptops, Asus might have already integrated this technology in few of its Windows 8 laptops.

Microsoft communication spokesperson confirmed that Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be considered to improve its mouse navigation. To make the navigation more user friendly the company has decided to take direct inputs from the users.