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Obama’s IT Chief Aneesh Chopra Quits White House

After serving for three years as the first White House chief of technology, Aneesh Chopra, has reportedly decided to resign from his post. Through a blog post on the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy's blog, Chorpa announced his departure.

However, the blog post does not explain why the first WHitehouse CTO decided to leave Obama administration. If various reports are to be believed, the reason behind this move is that Chopra is considering running for Virginia's lieutenant governorship.

On May 22, 2009 Aneesh Chopra sworn in as the first chief technology officer of US and the post required "looking at ways technology can spur innovations that help government do a better and more efficient job."

US President Barack Obama, who happens to be the most tech friendly US president ever, in a statement mentioned that Chopra "found countless ways to engage the American people using technology, from electronic health records for veterans, to expanding access to broadband for rural communities, to modernizing government records".

Further, Obama commented that the CTO did ground breaking work for bringing the US government into 21st century.

In an email Chopra stated that he will be returning to his home state Virginia and continue to work on utilising new technologies as well as platforms for improving education, healthcare and energy.