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PlayStation Vita Launch Bundle Now Available for $299

Amazon has come up with another launch bundle for the PlayStation Vita whereby users can get it for just $299.

This Bundle will have PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi system, AT&T DataConnect Session Pass, an 8GB memory card, a free PSN game and PS Vita bonus content worth of $55 absolutely free.

This promotional bundle will be expiring on 31st May, 2012 and Vita's scheduled launch date is 22nd February this year for North America. The company has decided to launch a special SKU next generation game portal.

Sony also confirmed that the consumers will not have to wait for long to get this 3G Launch Bundle. As long as the stock remains consumers will be able to buy the bundle one or two days after its official launch, reported The Verge.

The AT&T DataConnect Session Pass will have auto renewing 250MB for a month and the free game might include Little Deviants just like previous PS Vita bundle.

Those who have pre ordered PlayStation Vita 3G model will automatically be upgraded to this bundle - at least that is what the retailer says. The first edition bundle will be shipped from 15th February onwards and it will cost $349.99. The bundle contains a PS Vita 3G system along with a 4GB memory card, Little Deviants, a limited edition case and a complete week with early Vita gaming.