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£68.81 Sony BDP-S185B SMART Internet enabled Blu-ray Player

For High definition video, there is nothing better than the Blu-ray players and what could be better than one coming from Sony itself. The BDP-S185B from Sony is a smart Blu-ray player - meaning a Blu-ray player with ability to play internet content.

The Blu-ray player lets you play Blu-ray discs at full HD 1080p resolution while up-scaling favourite movies of your DVD collection to a better quality. The BDP-S185P is quite compact and slim in size thus taking up minimal of shelf space and would fit perfectly fine alongside your gaming console or digital set top box.

Sony has made the Blu-ray player smart by equipping the player with Bravia Internet, thus allowing you to enjoy internet based content - be it movies, TV shows, sports events or music. You will also be able to access sites including YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Demand 5 etc.

Through the USB connectivity option on the Blu-ray you will be able to connect a USB flash drive or a HDD and watch movies, listen to music and share photos with great ease. With onboard HDMI ports you can connect to a high definition TV and get the best possible video and audio output quickly and easily.

Amazon is offering the Sony BDP-S185B SMART Internet enabled Blu-ray Player for £68.81.