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Apple Gaining Ground in Enterprise Segment: Forrester

Apple is climbing up the popularity ladder real fast amongst enterprise customers it has been revealed. According to Forrester Research Apple's gradually increasing stake in the domain has undoubtedly raised an alarm for its arch rival Microsoft.

Even though Microsoft's Windows Operating System was a dominant force in the enterprise computing sector, over the period of time Apple has become a priority for managers, young workers as well as executives with its iOS as well as Mac OS X operating system.

The survey by Forrester stated, "Apple Infiltrates the Enterprise and Reshapes the Markets for Personal Devices at Work" covered both IT decision makers as well as the choices they make for their organizations besides information workers and also the tools they employ for working at home as well as at office.

The survey revealed that 37 per cent businesses support iPhone at present and this figure will be 55 per cent in this year. On the other hand, iPad is the most popular device. The same is true for Macs also which is rising in popularity.

Frank Gillett - the analyst behind the research stated, "21 percent of information workers are using one or more Apple products for work. Almost half of enterprises (1,000 employees or more) are issuing Macs to at least some employees-and they plan a 52 percent increase in the number of Macs they issue in 2012."