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Apple Support is for iPhone Thieves too!

Apple only had the best interests of its customers in mind when it came up with its customer service plan, but as things turn out some people are taking advantage of Apple's open and generous policies, Reuters reports.

The fact that you don't have to turn up in person with your phone but can send someone on your behalf, or that a person who bought an iPhone from somebody else can walk in at any time to get their phone fixed - which was intended to be a helpful service. Many Apple customers have praised the company for making it so easy to get repairs and even replacement handsets.

Unfortunately this is not the only possibility; thieves who have deprived people of their goods can also walk into a store and exchange the used or "broken" phone in order to get a free replacement, or a nice discount on a new item of their choice.

"Apple seems to have not considered stolen devices and instead is relying on the honor system. The honor system is devised with the mindset that we are all sheep and there are no wolves," Robert Siciliano a consultant at McAfee said.

Apple has declined to comment on the issue of stealing, which has frustrated a great deal of users who had their device snatched from them.

As was the case of MIT student Kayla Menard who after being robbed, got an email that her damaged phone was repaired and at the Apple Store. But when she went over to pick it up, the employees did not want to hand it over to her. "Because I don't have possession of the phone, they won't help me at all," Menard explained.

So, in the future Apple must learn to deal with this kind of issues as well, in order to keep its costumers happy.