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Firefox 12 tab features may not appear until Firefox 13

The tab features to be used with the next version of Firefox are rumoured to be taking longer than originally suggested. According to reports, the home tab as well as new-tab page features which were to be unveiled with Firefox 12 may now be delayed until the launch of Firefox 13.

Scheduled for release in April this year, according to reports the new tab features "just weren't ready for Firefox 12."

At the same time, there are also reports proposing that the new tab page features of Firefox 12 are supposedly very similar to Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome features. The same reports also claim that these new features will revamp the home tab page.

Firefox 12 is expected to give two more attractive features, including auto completion of web addresses as well as deeper integration with various internet applications, reported PC World.

The auto completion feature will automatically complete URLs typed by the user in the address bar, based on their browsing history or bookmark library. The next version of Firefox will reach the Aurora phase on 31st January with its final version to be released in April.